Business Improvement With Technology Consultant Questions.

Speaking in broad terms, technology is growing at a rapid rate and if you are a business owner, you know that you must keep up with the desire to improve your operations by lowering costs and improving customer services. This article takes up the topic of RFID as an example of one of the newest and most advantageous trends in supply chain management and how it can effect your company. The electronics and software involved in the process of installing something like this in your company is best contracted out to a qualified consultant.

The technology consultant and the small business owner can work together to solve company problems or to expand for new growth. By making use of the latest technology, owners are reducing their costs in several important areas. Inventory control is one of those important areas.

Barcodes Are Rapidly Declining in popularity And Giving Way To RFID.

Thankfully, the days of handwritten inventories are mostly behind us. Depending on the items you stock, it may still be necessary to physically count a few items. But with the labels available today it should be possible to scan them electronically. Let the computer do the counting for you.

Barcodes were a major advancement for retail industries. There are still a few smaller older businesses that manage to do without them, but they are the exceptions rather than the norm. Business analysts believe that barcodes will soon become a thing of the past. They will be replaced by radio frequency identification tags or RFID tags.

Inventory Control Is Greatly Improved Because Tags Send More Data To Your Computer DBMS.

The advantages of using RFID technology for inventory control are several. The tags can accurately be scanned from longer distances. Some tags transmit signals continuously, an invaluable tool for mobile inventories, such as livestock or vehicles. The computer chip inside of the tag can store a variety of information. The vendor and the date the item was received, the cost, price and profit margin are examples of information that can be stored in the chip.

A technology consultant can help you determine if RFID technology is the right choice for your small business. It’s a matter of weighing the costs and benefits. If you happen to be a wholesale vendor interested in government contracts or selling items to large retailers, investing in RFID technology is absolutely essential. Departments of the US government and retailers have required that all vendors place RFID tags on all shipments for several years now.

More Accurate And Reliable Data From RFID Tags Means Better Operations For Your Company.

RFID tagging is the most accurate and effective inventory tracking, supply chain management tool of the day, but not every small business needs it. Your company might benefit more from GPS tracking or a combination of RFID and GPS. A technology consultant can help you decide which kind of technology is right for your company by asking questions.

Some small business owners are suspicious or annoyed by all of the questions asked by consultants. Actually, you should be suspicious if the technology consultant does not ask a lot of questions. The value of consulting with an expert is to customize your system. It is impossible for consultants to customize without asking questions.


What has been described above is a brief sketch of what types of automation, like the example of RFID inventory tracking systems, are active in the business market. The write up stresses the advantaged offered to companies who contract technology consultants to help you, the business owner, reach the right solutions you need to grow your company in a profitable way. The fees are easily offset by your increase revenue and lower costs achieved by employing the latest workable technologies.

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