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Profile Of An Articulated Database-Design Approach.

With artificial intelligent (AI) software driving every new application you can think of – and more, it is important to keep in mind that every part of these new software driven devices need to contain flexible joints that allow for easy connections to numerous parts of automated machines. And the most likely choice for flexible […]

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One Of Many Applications That Need Better DBMS Designers.

Medical Applications suffer more costs because of the lack of quality DBMS (Database Management System) designers, developers and installers. If you are the small business owner and you have the skills of a software technologist you can be the provider of these services. Otherwise, you can contract the requirements out for a skilled expert. Either […]

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Successful Small Businesses Need Good DBMS Designers.

A small business database or DBMS designer can help you construct a system that meets your company’s current needs. The system should also be able to grow as your company grows. Although minor upgrades are usually necessary, you should not have to create a whole new system as your company grows. This may not be […]

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Marketing Rich Data Embedded in Database.

Knowing what the customer wants and needs to solve their problems of reducing costs and providing meaningful products or services is the main goal of every company. If you are good at gathering facts related to specific markets you could have the perfect skill to start a business that provides this service to other profit […]

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Saving Money By Tracking Fleets With A GPS Database.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is an accurate airborne and vehicle navigation application introduced by the military years ago. It is a viable system all by its self. But when you add an innovative GPS database it becomes more valuable asset. It becomes an important contribution to a powerful fleet tracking system that helps business […]

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Business Profile Reporting Via A DBMS Controlled Dashboard.

Every aspect of a business must be totally visible within financial terms to guide management decisions. Therefore, it is important that the operating costs and profits be presented accurate in real-time and on flexible dashboards that are provided with all the necessary data presented in easy readable form. To accomplish this, a new and innovative […]

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Software Small Business Via GPS Example.

The following write up concentrates, in a broad way, with the fact that any set of requirements for a software company are pretty much the same. We have considered GPS as a possible application your client might request as an example. But we do this only to show that more is needed to build a […]

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What Software Must You Have To Successfully Run A Business?

There are many kinds of software systems necessary to run a modern high profit business in today’s private sector. But the most important set of applications that your company cannot operate, effectively, without are those that contribute to a DBMS. A database management system is the only tool that can reliably control the myriad of […]

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Embedded Message Center Improves Business DBMS.

By thinking of business data transactions as messages you open your mind to new database design possibilities that can help you articulate more effective business models. The metaphor becomes a reality when you begin to actually incorporated the idea into the software. This message center can benefit your company and your employees simultaneously. The company […]

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