Smartphone Reduces Building Site Costs.

Because of mobile phone improvements and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems, the building construction industry is given more timely and accurate data that in turn reduces business costs. In addition, these new introductions and improvements of this technology brings about better building construction results. The RFID helps contractors keep track of all material and tools used to contribute to the building site goals. The mobile or smartphone lets the builder and crew communicate all the information required to and from the main frame database.

At the building site, contractors need access to the company database, as well as other information. With the right receivers, the data can be accessed remotely, via a laptop, mobile phone or other device, preventing the need for large on-site computers, lowering costs and making the foreman’s job just a little easier. Valuable data include best prices on equipment and raw materials, as well as the sources of that material. Orders can be placed remotely to speed delivery time and further reduce costs.

There Is An Advantage To Use An RFID Driven Database.

There is nothing more frustrating than spending the day with an idle crew, ready to work, if only the materials were available. Contractors that make use of the latest technology can get the job done faster, for less. They can pass the savings along to their customers and still increase their profits.

With the right know-how, a special building site RFID driven database can be created to ensure that each crew has access to the information necessary to complete the job. Designs and blueprints for any number of sites can be stored and pulled up, when needed. Everyone tries to plan ahead, but things always come up. You never know when you will need a new piece of equipment. You can use the database to store information concerning suppliers and cost.

All Building Site Financial Calculations Are Easier And Quicker.

When tax time comes around, a contractor that has kept electronic records will have no trouble figuring costs of goods, profits and depreciation of equipment. Employee hours can be recorded, as well as payments. The system can be used to help figure withholding taxes and other deductions.

Applications can be stored and viewed, along with eligible-to-work documentation. Employees’ home addresses and phone numbers can be accessed quickly, in case you need to call someone in or tell them to stay home for the day.

Inventory Control Becomes A Reality.

A building site database can be used to keep track of inventory, from one job to the next. As equipment is moved around, it is not unusual to lose track of something. GPS monitors can be used to interface with the system and provide the location of a dump truck, concrete mixer or other items.

When you work at multiple sites, it is particularly helpful to have this kind of knowledge at your fingertips. Your company needs may be different than the ones mentioned here. But, whatever those needs may be, there is probably a piece of technology that will help fulfill them. Bring technology to your building site and it will pay for itself in no time.


The strong relationship between the work on the building site and the data necessary to meet all the requirements and construction specifications is the goal of the new technology. This goal initiates the activity that brings the RFID driven database closer to the site's working needs. The result becomes an advantage that meets both the contractor work effort and the business desired cost savings. And to top all off that, the building becomes a better outcome.

Tom Gruich

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