Get Ready For A Booming Year – Led By Innovative RFID And GPS Designs.

Many new uses of RFID combined with GPS are beginning to contribute a strong incentive to design,develop and implement smart applications making life easier for a number of growing communities. Displayed in this post are some of the areas where these new web apps are emerging as valuable assets.

RFID Chip Smaller Than Ever

We now have extremely small RFID chips which include GPS capabilities that are often referred to as Smart Dust. This design provides a growing industry that connects with the internet and opens the door to a broad range of new applications.

Fighting terrorism in China.

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Satellite tracking via GPS and RFID vehicle identification are employed in China as a means of fighting terrorism. This gives authorities the opportunity to track the movement of all vehicles and to instantly detect which are involved in attacks.

School Bus Tracking  and Student Identity System

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A web app is now available to help parents and school officials introduce school safety and security of students while traveling to and from their destination. School bus trackig is done with GPS while student monitoring is accomplished with RFID.

Personal Wandering Monitoring System

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Personal wander-monitoring can be used to protect individuls stricken with disorders such as alzhimeres or other smilar conditions. These electronic devices such as radio frequency identification (RFID) and global positrioning sydtems (GPS) come to the rescue.

Keeping Credit Cards Secure From Identity Thieves

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Features such as RFID blocking and GPS tracking have neatly been built into a carbon fiber enclosure keeping up to 8 cards secure from identity thieves. In addition, crowd technology can be considered via the use of this product.

Candy Bar Retail Promotions Highly Effective

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A GPS tracking device connected with an RFID microchip is designed to provide retailers to develop promotion campaigns for their products such as candy bars shown in this scenario.

Smart Money Self Defense System.

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Here is a Wearable designed wallet with a smart sel-defense system and RFID coupled with Gps to keep your money safe. The internet connected wallet is a great system that makes your life easier.

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