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I am a retired systems analyst who worked at a major pharmaceutical company located in Ann Arbor Michigan. Among the many software- database-design and development projects was one related to the potential use of RFID for the animal room. The idea was to track various animal tests and a location database that was linked to a variety of applications.

Since my retirement from the company I have become heavily involved with the Fed’s SBIR contract program. The SBIR solicitations call for the use of off-the-shelf components for many projects.

Working as a consultant, I am developing the resources and team contacts necessary to develop SBIR solicitations for client-companies interested in participating in the Governments requests for electronic and software applications that meet their needs.

Even if a client of mine fails to obtain a contract with the Government, they will be in a good position to offer their product or service to the private sector. This is because the design specs, having been completed during the submission period, are the most important assets needed to release a profitable offer.

Enough of that, I need to gain access to several individuals or current companies that might be interested in joining a virtual company whose goals and objectives would be to submit bids to the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programs and thereby find niches where information technology designers,developers and system integration techs can secure profitable opportunities.

This could be sub-contracts,new inventions or start up companies run by former specialists like ourselves.

The Army,Navy,Air Force are all going to be in need of robotics, electronics and Artificial Intelligence products at an increasing rate now and in the future. And don’t forget the spin off opportunities in the private sector.

If you are qualified and can communicate in writing, I would be interested in what your thoughts might be in contributing to a team that would develop a Virtual company to accomplish these ends.

Let me know. You can find me on the EzineArticles website or one of my sites at AdaptCode.com, AdaptIno2.com or AdaptInfo4.com.

Thank you for your attention to this matter;

Tom Gruich

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